Full Name
Lauren Volpe
Job Title
CCXP Chief Experience Officer
Speaker Bio
To say I’m customer-focused is an understatement. I believe that for any company, the customer is the center of everything. Company culture can be felt by internal and external customers and should be a top priority to drive loyalty and sales.

Throughout my career, my passion has been to engage and retain consumers and employees by designing creative programs that optimize business operations while enhancing and “humanizing” the customer experience. I am relentless in finding and remedying the friction within an operation. I scrupulously analyze data to gain insights that help me design and deliver inventive solutions.

Recently recognized by the CXPA and received my Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) designation! To earn this designation, I have demonstrated my working knowledge and experience in the 6 functional criteria in the CX discipline.
Lauren Volpe